WWCL LCWX/R134AOverwiev


  • Water cooled water chillers
  • from 200 kW to 1550 kW

Unit name: WWCL LCWX/R134A

Cooling/Heating (kW):


Line type: Industrial line

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Made of strong welded steel frame protected with polyester powder painting.

“Screw” type they are mounted on rubber shock absorbers and equipped with an electronic integrate module to protect against overheating, discharge shut o valve and crankcase heater.

With shell and tube evaporator with one or two refrigerant circuits and one water circuit. The insulation is with a flexible closed-cell lining. As protection the end user or the installer will foresee a flowswitch or differential pressure switch in order to stop the compressors in case of no water flow.

One or two shell and tube type.
As Option, is available condenser for well water and of sea water.

# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 WWCL LCWX/R134A Compressors