Tormex FLROverview


  • A++ high-efficiency floor-mounted inverter unit
  • R410a full inverter
  • Compact dimensions
  • Built-in, comprehensive DHW mod- ule
  • Full solar thermal module management
  • Integral boiler function contro

Unit name: Tormex FLR

Cooling/Heating (kW): 4.1 – 10.5 /5.7 – 14.1


Line type: Light Line

Tormex FLRProduct Features


The Tormex water chillers and heat pumps series are designed for applications in residential and commercial areas, these units are extremely versatile and can operate in heat pump mode with the ability of producing hot water at a temperature of 58°C for environmental heating and sanitary applications. The INVERTER compressor with brushless DC motor technology, matched with electronic expansion valve, pump, and vari- able speed blower are generally used for optimizing the power consumption and efficient operation of the refrigerating components. All Tormex units are made up of hotgalvanised thick sheet metal, painted with polyurethane. The used DC inverter compressors are a rotary hermetic type (for 06 and 09 models) and twin rotary (for the 12 and 15 models), designed to be used with R410 refrigerant.

The fans are axial type with plastic aerofoil blades and the electric motors are all brushless DC type with 8 poles (about 200/1000 rpm). The Tormex chillers units are supplied with an integrated hydraulic circuit including the circulating pump, suitable for chilled water utilization and directly managed by the controller on board of internel unit. The circulation pump is always modulating type, it adopts motor DC brushless for Tormex models.

# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 Tormex FLR Split type air to water heat pumps-floor mounted version 4.1 – 10.5 5.7 – 14.1