• Steel tank construction (FeP11)
• Max operating pressure: 6 bar
• Max exchanger operating pressure: 9 bar
• Max operating temperature: 90°C
• Threaded attachments for the various hydraulic connections
• Threaded attachment for electric heating element • Standard magnesium protection anode
• 5-years guarantee

Unit name: Fiastra


Line type: Light Line



Vertical tank boiler with single exchanger

FIASTRA/ S1 / S2 domestic hot water vertical tank boiler.

These consist of steel tanks with an integral coil exchanger for heating the domestic water inside, and aresuitable both for boiler heating in traditional systems and for integration with solar collectors. The internal surfaces have been subject to vitrification treatments. Insulation is provided via rigid polyurethane foam for models of up to 500 l capacities, and soft polyurethane foam for larger models; the external casing is made of PVC. A side flange is provided for mounting an additional exchanger, enabling a second energy source to be used. The tanks are insulated and are suitable for generating and storing large volumes of domestic hot water.

# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 Fiastra Boilers for DHW with high heat exchange