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Close control air conditioners

  • W version – chilled water
  • X version – air cooled direct expansion
  • H version – water cooled direct expansion

Unit name: CCA CCUY THIN-R410A

Cooling/Heating (kW):


Line type: Industrial line




Close control unit CCU are to be seen as the most advanced solution to all problems of air conditioning in all technological applications, like server farms, UMTS and GSM broadcasting power ampli ers, NOCs (Network Operation Centers), computer racks cooling, control rooms, power equipment, and in general wherever heat loads are critically high.

Front panels are hinged so that access is totally from the front; most modern technical solutions and best components grant our air conditioners maximum versatility and longest reliability for mission critical applications.

The self-supporting galvanized steel frame protected with polyester powder painting allow all panels and front door to be removed, reducing total weight for easiest installation. Double panels (inner plate and insulated panel on the outside) reduce noise and vibration escape to the room to a minimum. Extruded aluminum frame (1) is anodized to allow maximum lifespan also in severe environment locations.

In precision applications, generated heat is mainly dry and input humidity is very low, with subsequent sensible heat ratio close to



85-95%. Having this in mind, we designed our air conditioners to supply an extremely high heat ratio, increasing overall system e ciency.

Server and computer rooms are constantly expanding, and air conditioners have to be exible into satisfying needs, such as conditioner relocation, accessories add-up, etc. Our air conditioners can be easily repositioned, because weight is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the aluminum frame and to the panels removal system. Furthermore, all plates are already drilled for positioning and installation of all accessories, reserving the right for the customer to install further accessories at any time after the purchase.

Our air conditioners are highly reliable; nevertheless a good designing pratice must assume some downtime. All systems have to be designed having in mind air conditioning redundancy, in order to supply continuous cooling during programmed maintenance. All our air conditioners are already preset in order to manage a cyclic redundancy of up to 6 or 8 units (2).

1)Used models with a width exceeding 1800mm 2)depending on microprocessor


# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 CCA CCUY THIN-R410A Scroll compressors