AWCL SCAEY-FC/410AOverwiev


  • Air cooled liquid chiller
  • from 45 to 385 kW
  • Free-Cooling
  • Axial Fan

Unit name: AWCL SCAEY-FC/410A

Cooling/Heating (kW):


Line type: Industrial line

AWCL SCAEY-FC/410AOverwiev


The AWCL/FC free-cooling units are particularly suitable where chilled water all year long is required, so also by low ambient air temperature. The free-cooling system utilises the low outside temperature for chilling water in the coil starting from 15 °C ambient air temperature.

The units series SCAEY/FC are designed to cool down water/glycol uid.

This units are equipped, further to the chiller components such as compressors, condensers, evaporator, thermostatic valves, with a water free-cooling coil. The control system consists of a modulating three- way valve and of a certain number of probes allowing the water coil functioning and therefore the “free-cooling” operation. In the standard chiller the return water/glycol uid is cooled down through the shell and tube evaporator. In the AWCL/FC units working in freecooling mode, the water/glycol uid runs through the freecooling coil which
is cooled by means of the external air, thus reducing the load on the compressors or even completely substituting them. The control system consists of a microprocessor, an inlet water temperature probe, an external air temperature probe, a working probe and a no-freezing probe.

# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 AWCL SCAEY-FC/410A Scroll compressors