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  • Air cooled water chiller
  • Air cooled reversible heat pumps
  • from 350 kW to 1650 kW
  • Axial Fan

Unit name: AWCL LCAEX/R134A

Cooling/Heating (kW):


Line type: Industrial line

AWCL LCAEX/R134AOverwiev


Electronic expansion valve managed by software, can allow the refrigerant circuit to work very e ciently and reducing the power consumption. When the heating load changes suddenly, a traditional expansion valve experiences a 2-3 minute hunting period before achieving a state of equilibrium. On the contrary we have an immediate action of an electronic expansion valve.

When a compressor starts or stops:

– The electronic driver pre-positions the valve at a point that is very close to the nal equilibrium point

  • The state of equilibrium is quickly achieved with minor adjustments.
  • The expansion valve becomes an active part within the system instead of just a passive part.
  • Hunting lasts hardly any time at all.


# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 LCAEX/R134A Screw compressors