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  • Air cooled liquid chiller
  • from 400 to 690 kW
  •  Free-Cooling
  • Axial Fan

Unit name: AWC2L SCAEY FC/R410A

Cooling/Heating (kW):


Line type: Industrial line

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The SCAE-FC free-cooling units are particularly suitable where chilled water all year long is required, so also by low ambient air temperature. The free-cooling system utilises the low outside temperature for chilling water in the coil starting from 15°C ambient air temperature.

The units series SCAEY-FC are designed to cool down water/ glycol uid.

This units are equipped, further to the chiller components such as compressors, condensers, evaporator, thermostatic valves, with a water free-cooling coil. The control system consists of a modulating three- way valve and of a certain number of probes allowing the water coil functioning and therefore the “free-cooling” operation. In the standard chiller the return water/glycol uid is cooled down through the shell and tube evaporator. In the AWC2L-FC units working in free-cooling mode, the water/glycol uid runs through the free-cooling coil which is cooled by means of the external air, thus reducing the load on the compressors or even completely substituting them. The control system consists of a microprocessor, an inlet water temperature probe, an external air temperature probe, a working probe and a nofreezing probe.

# Unit Name Technology Cooling (kW) Heating (kW)
1 AWC2L SCAEY FC/R410A Multiscrool