4-way cassette



  • Available in AC and DC configuration
  • Cooling capacity for AC from 2.5 – 12.9 kW
  • Heating capacity for AC from 4.0 – 17.60 kW
  • Cooling capacity for DC from 3.02 – 10.64 kW
  • Heating capacity for DC from 4.10 – 14.38 kW
  • Versions for 2 and 4 pipe systems
  • Versions for compact/normal size
  • High-lift drain Pump
  • Fresh Air Intake



360°air supply panel is standard for compact 4-way cassette.

4-way air supply panel is standard for 4-way cassette.

Wireless controller is standard, and
wired controller is optional.

Standard built-in drain pump with
750mm pump head for normal size and
500mm for compact size

Fresh air can enter through the cassette
unit so you can enjoy even fresher air in a